MoCRA deadline has passed: what it means for your cosmetic business to sell in the USA

20,00 excl. VAT



During this 1-hour webinar, Tommaso Poles, Expert Consultant at Obelis Group, shows how to register a facility and list your products in the FDA portal with screenshots from Cosmetics Direct. The practical guidance you were looking for!

Furthermore, Obelis USA Board Director, Geoff Waby, will cover the following topics:

    • Key Dates
    • FDA latest guidance and tools
    • Definitions and responsibilities
    • Safety substantiation
    • Adverse events and serious adverse events
    • Good Manufacturing Practices
    • Fragrance and flavors

At the end of the webinar, there is a Q&A session.

Do you need help to ensure compliance with MoCRA requirements? Contact Obelis Group to receive expert regulatory consultancy.


Published on February 23, 2024