Non-US based Cosmetics Companies – How to Comply with MoCRA

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This 50-minute webinar aims at giving manufacturers of cosmetic products to be sold in the United States all information necessary to be ready for MoCRA compliance. It targets cosmetic companies based outside the United States that are looking for regulatory guidance.

During this webinar, you will learn all about:

    • What you need from your manufacturing locations
    • What you must do before December 29, 2023
    • What you will need to do next year and beyond to stay compliant

The speaker, Geoff Waby, Obelis USA Board Director, will cover the following topics:

    • Key dates
    • Most recent FDA announcement
    • Definitions
    • Responsibilities of brand owners and manufacturers
    • Safety substantiation
    • Adverse event receiving, reviewing and reporting
    • New product listing and facility registration portal
    • Paper-based alternatives
    • Fragrance and flavors
    • Good Manufacturing Practices