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Trimethylbenzoyl Diphenylphosphine Oxide (diphenyl(2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl)phosphine oxide)



Restricted as per EC regulation 1223/2009?



Annex II

Other observations

Date of update Deadline Content of update Reference Source Obelis articles
24/06/2024 01/10/2025 Diphenyl(2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl)phosphine oxide will be added to Annex II, namely the list of banned substances for use in cosmetic products. The new ban will apply as of September 1, 2025, and there will be no differences between placing on the market and making available on the market. It means that, as of the application date, non-compliant cosmetics cannot be sold on the EU market anymore and must be recalled before. Draft Commission Regulation amending Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 WTO New substances will be banned in cosmetics in the EU from 1 September 2025 – Omnibus Act VII