Flash 15 minutes webinar: ​Responsible Person and Safety Assessor

20,00 excl. VAT



In this 15-minute webinar, our speaker will answer the most common questions we received from cosmetic manufacturers on the roles of Responsible Person (RP) and Safety Assessor. In particular, they will cover the following topics: 

    • Definition and importance of Safety assessment
    • Obligations and Exceptions 
    • Number of formulations that the report can contain
    • Safety Assessment and RP/manufacturer and importer
    • Updates and changes



Kamila Rzewucka, Safety Assessor of cosmetics and European Registered Toxicologist toxicologist, works at Obelis as Expert Consultant in the Research and Development department.

Luminita Pascanu is Deputy Manager of the QMS department at Obelis, and EPO to the CEO. She is also a member of COSlaw Editorial Committee.


Published on July 20, 2022