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Our popular series of open-access videos provides useful information on a variety of topics

Q&A: Is the claim “parabens free” allowed in the EU?

Q&A: If our product contains Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, can we also claim the product has CBD?

EU Cosmetics Regulation: Which legal entity must designate the Responsible Person

EU Cosmetics Regulation: Why you should designate a professional RP

EU Cosmetics regulation: Why it is mandatory for an RP to review your PIF

Is the claim ‘not tested on animals’ allowed in the EU?

EU Cosmetics Regulation: What are the mandatory tests to place a cosmetic on the EU market?

What is the CPNP – Cosmetic Products Notification Portal?

Tutorials on MoCRA

Our collection of short videos explaining the key concepts of the Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act of 2022 (MoCRA), the major change in the US law on cosmetics since 1938

Introduction to MoCRA

MoCRA: Responsible Person definition

Responsible Person USA vs EU

MoCRA: Product Registration

MoCRA: Facility defintion

MoCRA: Facilities Registration

MoCRA: Safety Substantiation

MoCRA: Adverse events

MoCRA: Fragrance Allergens

MoCRA: Responding to FDA Request for Ingredients

MoCRA: Cosmetic Product Definition

MoCRA: FDA Access to Records

MoCRA: Mandatory Recalls and Facility Suspension

MoCRA Overview

MoCRA vs EU Cosmetics vs OTC Drugs

MoCRA: Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

MoCRA: Cosmetics for Professional Services

MoCRA: Asbestos and PFAS in Cosmetics


Our exclusive webinars provide most detailled guidance on the most specialised topics.

EU rules on Labels & Claims for Cosmetics

EU Rules on sunscreen cosmetics products

Cosmetic restrictions, bans & claims

Cannabis ingredients use in Cosmetics:

How to be compliant with the EU regulations?

How to sell cosmetics in EU & UK after Brexit

Product Information File Webinar

UK SCPN cosmetic product registration process

New EU requirements on labels for cosmetics

Overview of the last cosmetic changes during 2021

Safety Assessor and Responsible Person

Manufacturing Cosmetics for the US Market