EU rules on sunscreen cosmetic products

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In this 30-minute webinar, Martina Quitadamo – Manager of Obelis Legal department – provides an overview of special regulatory requirements for sunscreen products in the European Union. The webinar mainly focus on labelling and claims requirements.

A helpful guide whether you are a cosmetic brand formulating sunscreen products or a consumer who would like to know more about these products essential to protect us from UV radiation.

Below is the list of topics covered:

      • General EU rules on claims
        • Cosmetic product definition
        • Common criteria developed by the European Commission
        • Best practice for claim substantiation evidence
      • Sunscreen products
        • Definitions
        • Efficacy and claims
        • Labelling

Do you need help to ensure your sunscreen products comply with EU regulatory requirements? Contact us to receive further information on how we can support you.


First published in July 2021