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Methylphenylenedia­ mines, their N-substi­tuted derivatives and their salts (1), with the exception of the sub­ stance listed under re­ ference numbers 9 a and 9 b of this Annex and the substances listed under reference numbers 364, 413, 1144, 1310, 1313 and 1507 of Annex II


Restricted as per EC regulation 1223/2009?


Other observations

Date of update Deadline Content of update Reference Source Obelis articles
27/11/2019 11/06/2019 Can be used as hair dye substance in oxidative hair dye products for general use and professional use. For noth cases: after mixing under oxidative conditions the maximum concentra­tion applied to hair must not exceed 5 % calculated as free base EU Regulation 1223/2009 (Omnibus 2019-Amendments of  Annex II/V by Regulation 2019/1966) EC