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Restricted as per EC regulation 1223/2009?




Other observations

– Identified as potential endocrine disruptor – Group A


Date of update Deadline Content of update Reference Source Obelis articles
07/07/2022 28/01/2023 - 28/07/2023 Octocrylene will be allowed as an UV filter: (1) up to 9% in propellent spray products; (2) up to 10% in other products. Commission Regulation (EU) 2022/1176 EC Expected new restrictions for the UV filters Benzophenone-3 and Octocrylene
30-31/03/2021 No timeline applicable for now POTENTIAL ENDOCRINE DISRUPTOR - SCCS Final opinion: Octocrylene is safe at concentrations of up to 10% when used individually or together as a UV-filter in cosmetic products, i.e. in sunscreen cream/lotion, sunscreen pump spray, face cream, hand cream and lipstick. However, the use in sunscreen propellant spray is considered safe when its concentration does not exceed 9% when used together with face cream, hand cream and lipstick containing 10% Octocrylene. SCCS Final Opinion 1627/21 SCCS