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Vitamin A (Retinol, Retinyl Acetate, Retinyl Palmitate)


11103-57-4 / 68-26-8 / 127-47-9 / 79-81-2

Restricted as per EC regulation 1223/2009?




Other observations

Date of update Deadline Content of update Reference Source Obelis articles
03/04/2024 01/11/2025 - 01/05/2027 These substances can be used (a) in body lotion up to a maximum concentration of 0.05% Retinol Equivalent (RE) and (b) in other leave-on and rise-off products up to a max concentration of 0.3% RE. Cosmetics containing these substances must bear the warning "Contains Vitamin A. Consider your daily intake before use". Commission Regulation (EU) 2024/996 EC New amendment to EU Cosmetics Regulation: Retinol and other substances banned or restricted in cosmetics
24-25/10/2022 N/A The SCCS is of the opinion that vitamin A in cosmetics at the concentrations of 0.05% Retinol Equivalent (RE) in body lotion, and 0.3% RE for other leave-on and rinse-off products is safe. Therefore, manufacturers shall respect these limits SCCS 1639/21 Final Opinion SCCS