Cosmetic label requirements: Part II

October 10, 2022 – Article 19 of the EU Cosmetics Regulation sets the mandatory labelling requirements for cosmetic products. We have already discussed the date of minimum durability and ingredients list. Therefore, below you can find the remaining mandatory elements of an EU compliant label.


Responsible Person details

The container/packaging (inner & outer) must include the name and address of the Responsible Person for the product. If several addresses appear on the labelling, the one where the Responsible Person keeps the Product Information File must be highlighted (generally, underlined).


Country of origin

For products imported from outside of the European Union, the labelling must specify the country of origin with the wording “made in”. As per Article 60 of Regulation (EU) 952/2013 on the Union Customs Code, the country of origin is where the product has undergone the last substantial, economically justified processing or working. Specifically, it indicates the final essential stage of manufacture. For example, if a shampoo is bottled in Korea, that is its country of origin.


Nominal content

Labelling must indicate the nominal content of the product in grams or millilitres. However, there are some exceptions; thus, the following products can omit it:

  • Cosmetics with less than 5 gr/ml;
  • Free samples/testers;
  • Single application products;
  • Multi-packs. In such a case, the number of items shall appear on the label/packaging.


Batch number

The container/packaging shall also bear the batch number to allow product traceability. Nevertheless, when it is impracticable due to the product’s dimensions, the information can appear on the outer packaging only.



Labelling must display the function (in a language understood by the consumer) of the product unless it is clear from:

  • The presentation of the product (e.g., lipstick); or
  • Its commercial name and claims (including images).


Precaution for use

Label shall also include particular precautions for use, if necessary to ensure safe use of the product (in a language understood by the consumer). In particular,

  • At minimum those listed in Annexes III to VI column i (Wording of conditions of use and warnings);
  • The indication that a product is for professional use;
  • For sunscreen products, the information mentioned in the European Commission recommendation on the efficacy of sunscreen products and the claims made relating thereto.

Precautions shall be visible both on the container and the packaging (box). Nonetheless, if it is impossible for practical reasons, they can be added to a separate leaflet by adding the open book symbol (which means “refer to”) to the inner or outer packaging.


If you want to verify if your product labels are compliant, you can purchase our Final EU Label Checklist.



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