New EU requirements on labels for cosmetics – Special focus on environmental aspects

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A 25-minute webinar on new EU labelling requirements for cosmetic products with a special focus on environmental aspects.

In this webinar, we will address the following topics: 

    • Mandatory labelling requirements for cosmetic products in the EU 
    • Claims and justifications of claims
    • Environmental challenges and impact on the cosmetic industry
    • New criteria for awarding the EU Ecolabel to cosmetic products
    • New marking specifications for single-use plastic products 
    • Call for an EU approach to packaging waste labeling
    • National waste labelling: Triman logo, Green dot, Möbius loop, and Tidy-man symbol


Speaker: Kamila Rzewucka, Expert consultant in the Research and Development department at Obelis Group.

Moderator: Ajda Mihelcic, Manager of the Publications department at Obelis Group and Content Manager at COSlaw. You can read more about her in COSlaw About us section.


Published in December 2021