New USA Cosmetics Regulation Act (MoCRA): How to safely pass the deadline!

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In this one-hour webinar, we we will be focusing on understanding the new requirements for cosmetic products in the United States established by Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act of 2022 (MoCRA). We will give you a practical perspective on how to comply and prepare for the December 29, 2023 deadline.

Indeed, as of December 29, 2023, brands selling cosmetic products in the United States shall:

      • Register products and facilities to the FDA
      • Have documentation substantiating the safety of products
      • Have in place a system for recording adverse events and reporting serious adverse events

At the end of the presentation, there is a 30-minute session in which our speakers reply to the most frequent questions we received on those topics.



      • MoCRA: General overview of the legal requirements
      • Steps to compliance – Sequence of steps and documents to prepare
      • Responsible Person vs US Agent: Role and Responsibilities
      • Q&A session




Silvia Zarzuela Martín, Junior Consultant in the Business Development Department at Obelis Group. Silvia leverages partnerships with other entities and takes part in a wide variety of projects supporting corporate buildout


Geoff Waby, Obelis USA LLC Board Director

Doram Elkayam, Obelis Group Chief Operations Officer (COO)



Published on August 2, 2023